Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Din Din!

It's a boy! New baby boy. In case you can't see it at the very first picture, those are the words. So today was indeed a very great day. Plus the awesome weather, me and my 7 friends made the-most-awaited visit to Jo Shuan's (our favourite Taiwanese friend). She was married to Selim, a Tunisian guy about two years ago. What a marriage! A Chinese to an Arab, a very rare one. It was a joyful moment when Jo Shuan announced her pregnancy. We were at her house at that time too and the day was fulled with laugh and smile. We just can't wait the moment when we can hold and kiss the special baby. And it was a big question among us of how will the baby look like. To be a hybrid of Chinese and Arab genes, he must be a very handsome man one day. On the September 27th, the baby was born and named Shamseddin. But for his Taiwanese grandparents, Din Din is a simpler name to call him. What a cute name. Being in the house for over an hour made me realize of how marvelous a cross-racial marriage can be. Jo Shuan's parents flew over thousand miles just to welcome their new grandchildren and so did Selim's mother. They get along very very well and it seems that they are from the same race and cultural. They don't look awkward at all. But the thought was not great enough to influence me as Malay guy will always be my choice haha. On our way back home, each of us was fantasizing the day when we get to be in the same place as Jo Shuan. They all just can't wait haha.

PS: To all my friends, don't you ever dare to forget me and invite me to your wedding!

PPS: And when you get a new baby too! :)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So today is wedday. I mean wednesday. I can say wedday is a bit special compare to other days as wedday is happened to be as my cooking day. Yeayy! I love being a chef. But cooking can make me bored, sometimes. Hence, I won't let myself to cook more than twice a week. Heheh. Besides cooking, I found out that baking is cool too. For me, baking is more to show your creativity compare to cooking which is to satisfy your hunger. One reason why I like to cook is to enthrall my husband and my kids by my cooking one day. Haha. Ok so recipe for today is Ayam masak cili padi and I'm gonna show how to make it, here. I learned this recipe from my mum when I was at home during my summer break. And for that I'm not using english. One thing with cooking, Idk why but I dislike to read instructions for cooking in english. So let me ends here.

Dan akan menggunakan bahasa ibunda untuk resipi ayam masak cili padi.
Bahan bahan:
3 ulas bawang putih*
1 biji bawang besar*
1 inci halia*
Cili padi hijau*
1 sudu jintan manis*
1 sudu jintan putih*
Sedikit kunyit*
Daun kunyit
2 batang serai

Nak mulakan masakan ini, kena tumbuk semua bahan yang bertanda * atau kalau leceh sangat tumbuk, guna je blender. Bagi yang rajin macam aku tumbuk menjadi pilihan hati.

Bila semua bahan yang bertanda * dah sebati jadi la macam ni.

Lepas da lunyai semua bahan tadi (I can't think of synonym words of lunyai) tumis je dalam periuk yang da panas dengan minyak yang panas. Bila da mula naek bau sedap, masukkan ayam ayam then kacau kacau.

Masukkan air sedikit biar ade kuah.

Bila da masuk air kena la tunggu sampai kuah tu mendidh dan ayam tu empuk dan masak. Jangan lupe masukkan serai ok. (Oh for me it's kind of hard to get a fresh lemongrass. So I suggest for those who live outside Malaysia find this - serbuk serai. It can be found in any asian market).

Bila kuah tadi dah nak kering baru la masukkan garam ikot kepandaian korang. Yezzaaa sudah siap. Haa senang bukan?

Haha tak lawa la ;p

Other than Ayam masak cili padi, I made nugget ayam too. But I'm too lazy to post up the recipe. If there's a request upon the recipe I will consider to post it up! Haha macamla ada orang sangat kat blog ni.


Monday, October 19, 2009


I keep thinking and thinking and thinking.. Not about study! But about this one particular question. Hmm let me just keep it to myself. Hehe ngoklah. Dah post kat sini tapi bujet nak rahsia rahsia plak an. Tu la. Soalan ni penting bagi aku tapi bukan bagi orang lain. Kenapa aku sorang je yang dok fikir pasal soalan ni? Mungkin sebab diorang tak tertinggal apa apa kat Malaysia?? hehee.

p/s: Post kali ini agak bangang sebab aku tengah bangang gak.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Four babes wanted

Out of sudden I miss these four babes, Fatin Asma, Nazatul Khadijah, Nur Nazrieza & Hazieyati. Damn I am wayyy far from all of you. Those time we had spent together will be cherished till the day I close my eyes for ever.


Ben's Bitches

Hehee seperti biasalah mula mula mmg la rajin tulis tulis new post. Tengoklah lagi dua tiga hari tinggallah blog ni berhabuk habuk kot. Harap harap taklah kan. huhu. So Ben's Bitches. Ni kumpulan indie malaysia la kan. Pastu suka buat kontroversi dengan tajuk lagu. Contohnya - aku suka jolok & pensil besar. Hahah tajuk pensil besar tu macam ok tapi kalo tengok lirik dia gelak guling guling macam tenggiling aku. 'Perempuan suka pensil saya kerana pensil saya besar' then, 'semakin hari pensil saya semakin tajam' ngehehe suka hati koranglah nak tafsir apa apa kan. Ni cerita pasal pensil je kot!


unbaked OREO cheesecake

I've been addicted to unbaked cheesecake especially the one that I made hehe. Not that I'm being proud of myself but it tastes good! hahaha. For the last three months, I just discovered that I indulged myself in unbaked cheesecake more to baked. The recipe takes a long time but yet so simple. I remembered, it cost me nearly as same as the price of a full 'secret recipe' cheesecake when I made it back at Malaysia. But thank God I only have to spend less than 20 bucks per cake here in US.

So here is the ingredients for unbaked oreo cheesecake:


70 g unsalted butter
30 oreo biscuits (keep the cream for filling)

250 g cream cheese

120 g castor sugar
150 g whipped cream

1 tbs gelatin (make sure it's halal)

80 ml full cream milk
2 oreo biscuits (crust 'em)

Lets start with the crust. To make the bottom, crust all the 30 biscuits (using your crativity) haha I used batu lesung for this step. Then, mix all the biscuits with butter. Using a spring form pan, press the mixture firmly into it. You might wanna press it very firm so that it won't break line. Put inside fridge for about an hour or until it firm.
Meanwhile, beat cream cheese and sugar until they mix well. Then add in whipped cream or you can substitute vanilla ice cream for the whipped cream. I never tried using ice cream but perhaps it would taste better. The cream which you have been separated from the biscuits are added to the mixture and the 2 oreo crust biscuits as well. Beat the mixture until it smooth. In a pot, boil the milk and gelatin. Stir constantly. Pour the milk onto the mixture and mix again. So here is the last step, spread the mixture onto the crust and keep them in a fridge overnight. Wallah, finished!

This is the one that I made in Malaysia. Ye, mmg nampak buruk. Tapi rasa tak buruk pon :D


I know.. and welcome!

So, this is my second attempt on becoming a blogger. My former blog was at least a month old when i decided to efface her. And whenever I read blogs of others I will always think of how can they manage to keep blogging and updating for even every single day. And I am pretty sure that for this time, this blog age won't be long. hehee. My only purpose for blogging is for the sake of writing. It's been ages since I write essay and I feel sucks. Hence, I pray hard and testify for God that at least she (which I'm referring to my blog) can reach her one-year-old birthday. I know it will be hard for me to keep on track with her as I'm a uni student. haha wtf? everyone is a uni student. I mean most of the people that encircle my life and most of the blogger that I know too. I don't know but most of these last 2 years I spend three-fourths of my life thinking about study. Yaa I know this is what a life of student should be. But no matter how long I spend time to study, it's not unsurprising for me to get bad results. Hmm betul kata Togey niat belajar kena betul. (you guys are gonna see the name 'Togey' for hundred times on this blog later on, trust me) Urghh such a loser. Why can't I be like Akrit Jaswal or at least like William James Sidis? (those two kids are considered as the smartest kids have ever lived! and just click on the link to stalk 'em). Ok I know I should be thankful enough of what I have now. But to be frank, I rather study in local uni, being surrounded with familiar ambiance, weather and people. I have an aversion to walk for 20 minutes everyday with a 20 degree Celsius below zero. It bugs me so well that I have to wear those bubble jackets that seriously turn me to look like a balloon.

Yes, I'm a balloon girl.

Plus, the gross view of snow when people step on them. Hmm ok I know I've been complaining all this while and I know I have to stop it and start saying 'Thank you Allah for everything'.


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