Monday, January 18, 2010

im still here

Yupp I didn't go nowhere and been stuck in The States still. Yet I've been busy but no so busy doing nothing. Nothing had really pushed me to fill this blog up with neither ideas nor thoughts. That's me. I get bored with things easily. Nahh actually I'm a lazy bum and I really mean it.

Many things happened last month. Happy, sad. Seriously, serious things happened last month. Thanks to Allah for giving me unexpected result in study. I also had the chance to step on the southernmost point on this land of America. What else? I did have a break with my boyfie for two days I guess haha. Yes, we learned from that. And I experienced in being a nanny for almost a day. They were three to four years old kids. OMGoodness it was a non forgetful day in my whole life. I guess I am not prepared for being a mum in these coming five years. But it didn't change my plan to get married at the age of 24 hehe.

No words can describe how happy I was when I got these presents. A big thanks to my love. All the way from Malaysia. :))

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